Food Fitness Queensland can provide you with individual specialist advice regarding the treatment of Autism and other neurological disorders & impairments through Nutritional Medicine and specific supplementation protocols. By applying sound and researched nutritional and biochemical principles, we can prescribe treatments that will help you in formulating a personal plan.

Christine has a young child diagnosed with autism, dysphagia and is non verbal. She is on her own journey for the slow recovery of her son. There is an intimate and personal understanding of the challenges parents’ face, particularly when it comes to the practical issues around nutrition for children with disabilities, behavioral or developmental problems. Christine is passionate about providing clear, practical and realistic advice. It’s not always black and white.

It is important you speak to us regarding your own personal circumstances when considering the information presented here on our website.

Our biochemical protocol is centered on the following;

  • Hair Mineral Analysis Test Testing;
  • Detoxify heavy metals and reduce the prevalent oxidative stress associated with autism;
  • Healing gut and associated inflammation;
  • Immune system repair and support;
  • Diagnose and replenish nutritional deficiencies and/or correct toxicities;

Christine would love to talk to you about your circumstances…contact us

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