I had been wearing dress size 14/16 for years while constantly struggling to lose weight. When I tried Metabolic Balance®, I realized just how easy it was to be true to yourself. The first few weeks of rapid weight loss, combined with improved well-being. This impressed me so much that I felt as if a spark had been ignited inside me. After four and a half months, I put on a pair of pants in size 8! Beyond my wildest dreams, especially because I was going through menopause at the time. There is something very positive and rewarding about conjuring up delicious and enjoyable food 3 times a day—food that is made only from natural ingredients. I even find that the foods on my food list are so diverse that I always have enough to choose from. Metabolic Balance® has helped me find peace with myself. Thank you Christine for the introduction to Metabolic Balance®. and your ongoing undying support on my weight loss journey.