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Are you struggling to lose/increase or maintain a healthy weight?
Do you suffer an autoimmune condition or a metabolic related disease?
Confused about what you should be eating?
Are your hormones out of balance?
Metabolic Balance® maybe the perfect solution for you….

Christine’s clinical experience has enabled her to develop exceptional skills pertaining to preventative health care through nutrition. This has led the practice to offer what we consider a scientific/clinically sound solution called Metabolic Balance®.



What is Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® is a treatment program focusing;

  • On providing biochemically correct, individualised nutrition for weight loss/gain; or maintenance;
  • On balancing the metabolism and eradicating inflammation.


The Program

  • Is simple to use as it’s simply food;
  • Has a high rate of success due to ongoing one on one practitioner support;
  • Addresses the physiological & long term psychological & behavioural aspects to weight loss;
  • Begins to work right away & continues to work in a sustained, long term manner:
  • Is highly cost effective compared to alternatives;
  • Re-educates lifelong eating habits & relationships with food;

Typical examples of types of individuals that Flourish on Metabolic Balance®

  • Peri/menopausal women, overweight , frumpy & feeling out if sorts;
  • Obese/overweight bariatric/gastric sleave candidates;
  • Patients currently on pharmaceutical dietary medication experiencing considerable adverse side effects;
  • Haven’t had success with a dietician referral;
  • Middle aged men, overweight, drink too much alcohol;
  • High cholesterol & blood pressure;
  • Anaemic conditions;
  • Depression & anxiety;
  • Foggy thinking, forgetfulness; chronic/adrenal fatigue;
  • Middle aged women that may have psychological issues with food;
  • Mid to late 30-50 year old men/women struggling to lose/gain weight;
  • Skin conditions i.e. psoriasis, acne, dermatitis.

Results from being on Metabolic Balance®

  • Reducing inflammation and pain;
  • Weight loss/weight gain/ balancing hormones through nutrition; weight maintenance;
  • Feeling less bloated & digestive issues sorted;
  • Feeling of wellness & vitality;
  • Changing long term behavioural issues;

If you;

  • Require a weight loss/gain solution;
  • Suffer an autoimmune condition/or other condition;
  • Have a metabolic related disorder i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a large waist;
  • Peri/post menopausal;
  • Suffer liver, kidney or billiary issues;
  • Skin conditions;
  • Cardio vascular disease;
  • Pre/Diabetes Mellitus;
  • Celiac disease, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitus, IBS;
  • Gall Bladder disorders;
  • Menstrual issues i.e. endometriosis;
  • Gastric complaints, maybe taking Nexium?

Then this is the ideal treatment plan for you………

A Metabolic Balance® Plan makes complete sense & is based on……

  • The individual’s pathology (35 blood values) & current health profile;
  • The plan is devised to suit that individual’s particular body chemistry;
  • Along with supporting personal data i.e.: body measurements, age, gender, illness previous/current medications, as well as food dislikes/intolerances;
  • If specific minerals are determined to be deficient in blood tests, then foods are selected that are rich in these constituents;

Claimable against many private health insurers & we offer convenient & affordable payment terms;

Let us assist in your journey to living a healthier, happier life!

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